Reshipping a book outside the USA

Choose this option only when you purchased a book that was shipped outside the U.S. and it has been returned due to an address error on your part or has been refused by the recipient. When the post office delivers the book back to us, we will correct the address and remail it to an address you guarantee will receive the book.

The $35.00 shipping and handling charge is for U.S. Postal Service Global Priority Mail, which is usually delivered within 3 to 7 business days after production is complete depending on the country to which the book is being mailed. You will receive an email confirmation once you place the order for reshipping the book.

When you order this service, fill in your billing address, and for the shipping address, put in the address that you guarantee is one where the book can be delivered.

Price: $35.00 - you will receive an email confirmation upon submission.