Special Pages

For a very personal way to express your thoughts and feelings, you can add additional pages to any of our books or eBooks. On these Special Pages, you can write whatever you want, and we’ll lay it out so that it is in the same format as the rest of the book.

These Special Pages are perfect for any number of occasions:
• salute someone retiring;
• include a poem you've written;
• offer words of advice or sympathy;
• tell someone how very much you love them;
• commemorate a special occasion;
• express thanks to someone for being a part of your life;
• or maybe you’re looking for a very unique way to propose marriage.

You can purchase as many pages as you want to say as much as you want, and we will help you address your needs on an individual basis.

The cost for this service is $25.00 per page, and one page consists of approximately 300 words — that’s about 30 lines with 8-12 words per line. You will be surprised at how much you can fit onto one page. If you have a lot to say and need more than a couple of pages, we’d be happy to work something out with the pricing.

This is a special service that is not automated, so you and we will have to complete a couple of steps to make sure what you want to say appears in print the way you’d like it.

Here is the basic process for Special Pages:
1. Order a book or eBook online.
2. Order this service online. (either with your book order or separately)
3. Prepare the text you want inserted.
4. We’ll email or call you with instructions on how to get your text to us.

Keep in mind that this process will add more time to your book production — usually an extra day or two — but imagine the surprise your effort will create. There really is power in words.

Click HERE for examples from customers who have used our service.