A Flock of Little Lovey Duckies

A Flock of Little Lovey Duckies

You think a pair is cute - you should see them in a flock! These miniature ducks are also available as a single pair for $4.50, but by packing them together to mail as one flock of 12, we can offer this deal, which is something to quack about: 6 pairs, 12 ducks (a pair is one white with red hearts, one red with white hearts) for $12.00 (comes out to $1.00 each).

Don't let their size fool you (1.5 inch by 1.5 inch), they are full of love and will surely make you and your sweetie smile.

$12.00 for 6 pairs, 12 ducks.

Shipping and Handling is included. This item is shipped regular mail, not US Priority or US Express, unless you choose to upgrade separately ($8.50 for US Priority and $32.50 for US Express).

Sorry, we do not ship bears, ducks, or coupon books outside the U.S