Hawaii is Romance - currently unavailable

Currently unavailable. What is it about Hawaii that transforms anyone in love? Hawaii is Romance transports our starring couple to the 50th state in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. From around the world, visitors sojourn to The Aloha State to vacation, to wed, to honeymoon, and just to get away. Is it the history, the beauty, the people, the location, or the fact that the sky and the water always seem bluer than blue?
    This book’s three stories extend the feeling of adventure and wonder to wind up as astonishing escapades. Diane Vann takes our couple on a scavenger hunt, in this gentle cross between The Amazing Race and Survivor; Kristopher Horton allows Maui to unfold for the starring hero and heroine during a special night on the town; and Jennifer Kalman inserts our couple into a mysterious legend that’s been settled at long last.

Hawaii is available as a paperback, hardback & eBook. If you order an eBook, it will be emailed to you in a matter of hours. You must provide a valid email address. Paper & hardback versions follow normal delivery times.

Note that the 3 separate novellas in this book also appear in Celebrating Romance or Celebrating Romance 2.

This book has the option of using your digital photo as the full front cover of the book along with the title and author credits. Click on the cover below to open a new screen with more info explaining the differences between the full custom cover, adding a head-and-shoulders shot of the couple onto the regular book's cover, and just the regular cover, as seen to the left of this book's description.