"I Love You" Coupon eBook

The "I Love You" Coupon eBook by Fletcher Newbern

Here's a great romantic gift that is delivered via email within hours.

These are whimsically-written coupons that you print out and assemble into a booklet redeemable for treats like: A Backrub (Or front rub, or anywhere-you-want rub); Control of the Remote (Complete use of TV remote for one evening); Timeout (So we can stop and talk about what happened); A Naked Night (Close the blinds and adjust the heat). Redefines the joy of giving.

You will print out 9 pages, each with three 3"X6" coupons per page. You can print it out in color or black and white. Then we suggest you cut and trim the pages. There are 20+ actual coupons to make up the booklet.

This gets a "Mild to Wild" Rating.

$5.00 - delivered via email to anywhere with a valid email address.